All photographic images by

Susan Carty, Ph.D.

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Directory of Freshwater Dinoflagellate Images

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Ceratium carolinium, Peridinium willei, P. inconspicuum, P. limbatum, P. wisconsinense, P. volzii, Peridiniopsis quadridens, P. penardiforme, Wolozynskia coronata

Entzia acuta ; SEM and light micrograph [ventral views]

Peridiniopsis penardiforme ; sketch

P. polonicum ; SEM [ventral view]

P. quadridens ; SEM [dorsal and ventral views]

P. gatunense ; SEM [dorsal apical, antapical, and dorsal views]

P. aciculiferum; SEM [dorsal antapical view]

P. limbatum ; SEM [ventral view]

P. umbonatum ; SEM [a dorsal & ventral view]

P. volzii ; SEM [ventral & dorsal views]

P. willei ; SEM [ventral & dorsal views]

P. wisconsinense; SEM [ventral view]

Thompsodinium intermedium ; SEM and light (Nomarsky) micrographs [side & ventral views]

Tetradinium javanicum ; light micrograph

prepared by Vic Fazio III 5 Dec. 1997 / updated 17 November 2003